Redactle - Unravel the Secrets of Redacted Wikipedia Pages!

What is Redactle? is the most popular ad-free Redactle daily puzzle game that will challenge your wit and unravel the secrets hidden within redacted Wikipedia pages. As an investigative journalist, your mission is to restore the missing words in these mysterious documents, which have been redacted, quite possibly by a government agency or a shady corporation. (formally carries on the tradition of the popular original daily puzzle game which went offline in March 2023. A clone of is still kept alive by a fan.

Unlike other Wiki guessing games I want to keep Redactle ad-free and focused on a good experience instead of trying to make money from ads. Huge thanks goes out to those who donate to keeping this site running and hours of development work I've put into this. - Ben from Redactle

How to play

In each puzzle, you'll encounter a Wikipedia page that has been deliberately obscured. Your goal is to unveil the concealed words and reveal the complete title of the document. The daily puzzles are carefully selected based on a number of criteria, including content length, statistics from previous games played by the community and the number of languages the article is available in. Longer articles written in many languages are generally more easy to solve as they tend to be less esoteric or specific to a particular locale.


Some starter words are: country, war, art, species, water, united, system, history. Keep an eye out for Italics as it generally indicates the word is a title of something such as a book or movie. Symbols like degrees (°) in Redactle might indicate a climate or latitude. A two word headline is often a person. If you're struggling to solve a puzzle that's no problem because Redactle offers 3 hints. Once all hints are used you are able to give up. You can also bring a friend into the game at any time to help by clicking the 'team up' button. You may write small annotations over the redacted words by double-clicking.

Which characters or words are redacted? With the exception of some common words (e.g. 'a', 'the' etc) Redactle redacts all characters that is not whitespace, or punctuation as defined in Symbols can be a key tipoff to the nature of the redacted article. For example, a degree symbol (°) might indicate a place or temperature.

Redactle employs smart word matching, making it an intelligent game that minimizes your guessing efforts. This means a word like "management" will match "manage" and "managing" as well as "management". Redactle tries to convert UK spelling to US spelling (which most Wiki articles are written in) the dictionary is not complete so there will be a a lot of words that are missed and cases like cookie/biscuit or pants/trousers are not handled.

How can I invite a friend to play?

Redactle also offers a multiplayer team mode, where you can join forces with other players. Collaborate and compete to see who can solve the puzzle first, fostering a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition. Click team up within the game and paste the URL to bring others into the game.

When does the daily Redactle renew? A new Redactle game launches every day at 4pm UTC, ensuring that you have a fresh challenge to look forward to each day.

How is the difficulty rating calculated?

The difficulty is calculated by using the median guess count from existing game data. Since Redactle has been played more than 2 Million times each article from Wikipedia's set of 10,000 Vital 4 badged articles has usually been played dozens if not thousands of times. The difficulty bar starts at 20 guesses and maxes out at 150.

Is there a limit on the number of articles I can play?

In addition to the exciting daily puzzles, Redactle game also offers an unlimited mode, where the fun never ends. With this mode, there is no daily limit on the number of puzzles you can enjoy. Redactle allows you to start a random puzzle from whichever categories you choose. For example you might choose to play Geography or ignore People puzzles.

Join the thousands of players worldwide who have made Redactle the most popular Wikipedia word game of its kind. Experience the thrill of unearthing hidden truths, both in the daily puzzles and the unlimited mode.

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